With summer in the majority of the northern hemisphere now in full swing, it can be argued that there’s no better time than now to get in on the e-biking fun. Indeed, with so many options in the rapidly growing e-bike segment, consumers are spoiled for choice. This is further amplified by the more and more specialized nature that e-bikes have been taking on in recent times.

New Nakamura E-CityCross E-Bike Is A No-Frills Urban Commuter

Take, for example, the new e-CrossCity bike from French bike brand Nakamura. Known for its practical and affordable e-bikes, the e-CrossCity, as its name suggests, hopes to be an all-rounder for adventurous city-dwellers. It presents itself as a compact electric cargo bike that’s small enough to ride for simple commuting, but versatile enough to carry quite an impressive payload. Thanks it’s integrated rear luggage rack, you can strap on a variety of attachments that let you haul anything from your groceries, your daily essentials, and even your toddler with a compatible child seat.

Nakamura builds the e-CityCross atop a platform that’s both robust and easily accessible. Rolling on 24x2.5-inch balloon tires, the bike promises a rather comfortable ride despite lacking any type of suspension whatsoever. A Naka Hub One motor is mounted to the rear wheel of the bike, providing 45 Newton-meters of torque, while a 460-watt-hour battery pack housed in the downtube of the frame provides a claimed 45 miles of range on a single charge.

New Nakamura E-CityCross E-Bike Is A No-Frills Urban Commuter

Despite the proliferation of fancy internal gear setups, Nakamura has opted for a traditional derailleur gear setup with the e-CityCross, presumably in a bid to keep costs down. As such, riders will have to be content with a seven-speed drivetrain from Shimano. Nevertheless, the attractive price tag of 1,199.99 Euros — equating to about $1,300 USD — is sure to make up for the lack of fancy tech features.

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