A brand-new fully electric pickup truck will be moving onto international markets, and it's not a model most folks are likely to have heard of. It's produced in China by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Group). The first production run of the electric trucks for export has already come off the assembly line, as announced by Geely.

Geely Group took to Twitter this week to announce that “The first export batch of Geely’s electric pickup trucks was sent off today from the Zibo Smart Factory. Smooth sailing!”


Pickup trucks are all the rage in the States, but not in most other areas of the world. However, once the potential for an electric truck from Tesla became clear, and Ford, Rivian, and GM actually brought models to market, the electric truck concept started to catch on across the globe.

Geely Group shared about a year ago that it would be launching a new brand called Radar Auto, which the company calls, “China’s first pure electric outdoor lifestyle brand.” Now, the Radar GD6 fully electric pickup truck has arrived as the new brand's first model.

The GD6 has three battery pack options: 63 kW (248mi/400km), 86 kW (341mi/550km), and 100 kW (392mi/632km). It cranks out 284 Nm of torque thanks to its 200kW (268 hp) electric motor.

Geely's new Radar electric truck also features the ability to connect to a home or power other devices. This is becoming a much more common feature in EVs, since the potential for external power while you're on the road is appealing.

The company official launch the Radar RD6 in February. It has only been six months and the automaker is already producing the EV for foreign markets, which is impressive.

As far as pricing is concerned, the RD6 will be a bargain in China. The base model carries a starting price of RMB 178,800, the midlevel at RMB 198,800, and the top-of-the-line offering starts at RMB 228,800.

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