The Vanderhall Brawley is a retro-inspired electric off-roader. Offering four seats and two doors, the Brawley uses a relatively short wheelbase to give it a good turning radius for navigating through trails.

Coming in at 147.5 inches long, the Brawley is shorter in length than a Mini Cooper SE. The Vanderhall comes with 18-inch wheels and massive 35-inch tires. These tires extend beyond the vehicle's fenders and are not housed within the bumpers. The exposed tires and other attributes make the Brawley not street-legal.

But driving on the streets wasn't its purpose anyways. The Brawley has a standard quad motor drive system and offers 303 horsepower in the GT and 404 in the GTS. This quad motor setup allows for incredible traction making it an ideal system for off-road use. Pair this with 22-inch suspension travel, and the Brawley should rival all its internal combustion engine-powered rivals.

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Powering the Brawley is either a 40 or 60kWh battery pack. The latter is only available in the GTS for a $5,000 upgrade. They offer a respective 140 and 200 miles of range.

For charging, the Utah-based manufacturer provides its products with a 6kW onboard charger as well as DC fast charging capabilities. The manufacturer has said it can charge from zero to 80% in under an hour, which leads us to think it would be in the ballpark of 50kW.

Despite its utilitarian characteristics, the Brawley has many comforts present in normal cars. It has a sealed cabin, air-conditioning and heating, heated seats, and Bluetooth. For the interior, it offers analog gauge clusters and toggle switches, giving it a look not present in most EVs.

The GT and GTS will start at $42,950 and $49,950, respectively. While early models will be well-equipped GT and GTS models, a less expensive base model is due to arrive later on with a starting price of $34,950.

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