BYD, one of China's largest car manufacturers, has launched a new brand called Fang Cheng Bao, which will unveil a brand new SUV codenamed SF soon, according to Green Car Congress.

This is the fifth brand under BYD’s umbrella, after the Dynasty series, Ocean series, Denza, and YangWang, and its name translates literally as “Formula” and “Leopard” in Chinese, which doesn't seem to make much sense, at least for us Westerners.

The Chinese company says that the name symbolizes the pursuit of the transformative rise and the exploration of digital realms, as well as blending the standards and rules of Formula with the agility and wild versatility of the Leopard, bringing out the distinctive essence of the brand and BYD’s vision of future cars and lifestyles.

Gallery: BYD Fang Cheng Bao SF SUV

That sounds like gibberish, to be honest, but what's not gibberish is the Chinese car group's plans of offering a complete lineup of EVs under the new brand, from SUVs to sports cars, with the first model codenamed SF scheduled to debut this year.

The main difference between Fang Cheng Bao-branded vehicles and other models in BYD’s portfolio will be the attention to customers’ personalization needs. In other words, the brand may offer things like contrasting color schemes, multiple wheel choices, and software tweaks that make the EVs seem more personal.

“Many people think that the global e-mobility transition is a revolution in the automobile industry, where vehicles powered by fossil fuels get replaced by electric cars,” said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD. “However, from BYD, we believe this is only a minor part of the whole transition, and a greater realm is unfolding.”

There's no mention of a potential launch in the United States for the new brand, but for what it's worth, the people at BYD sure know how to put on a show – which is something anyone can enjoy, even from the comfort of their office.

I'm talking about the YangWang U8 SUV, which can do tank turns thanks to its quad-motor setup, and the YangWang U9 electric supercar, which has a trick suspension system that can make the car bounce like a low-rider and even allows it to drive without one wheel attached.

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