As is the case in the the car and motorcycle industries, lots of mainstream companies rely on other manufacturers to supply essential components to their products. Sometimes, these brands go on to produce their own cars and motorcycles down the line. The same is true with the rapidly growing e-bike segment. 

A brand few of us have heard of is BMZ. Headquartered in Germany, the company's products can be found in e-bikes from all over the world. It's primarily a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, and supplies such to numerous manufacturers. However, given that battery tech is at the very core of electric bicycles, it's no surprise at all that BMZ is venturing into producing e-bike drive systems, too. 

German Firm BMZ Enters E-Bike Drive System Game With RS Motor

One of the first brands to carry BMZ-branded drive systems is Nox, an Austrian e-bike specialist known for its high power output and torque models. For its upcoming model, Nox is shifting from the Sachs RS drive system to BMZ's RS motor. More specifically, the BMZ RS motor will soon power Nox electric mountain bikes. With 112 Newton-meters of torque on tap, the RS is one punchy motor. However, given that European e-bike rules limit power to 250 watts, we may see the BMZ RS motor implementing a speed limiter of 15 miles per hour. 

Apart from the BMZ RS motor, the German company also has an extensive array of motors on offer. For example, the 36-volt BMZ GT motor is a much friendlier system presumably designed for road-going commuters. It can be configured in either 55, 75, or 85 Newton-meter outputs—perfect for mixed city, commuting, and trail bikes. 

We already mentioned that BMZ is known for manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs. With its impressive e-bike drive systems, chances are we could soon see mainstream brands adopting the BMZ package as a whole, with Nox being the first to take the leap. 

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