Tesla is known for its phenomenally-quick cars, innovation, and disruption in the automotive world, but things haven’t always been and still aren’t perfect for the once-startup American EV maker. And one of the biggest criticisms coming from customers and reviewers alike has been the build quality of the cars made by the all-electric brand.

The fit and finish of Tesla’s models have been adequate at best over the years, and although there have been a lot of improvements as time has gone by, there are still issues, and Tesla seems to be fully aware of this because the company has submitted a permit request for installing two new robots that will inspect the quality of installation for the dashboard, as Teslarati writes.

In the permit named “Automatic Inspection System,” the carmaker seeks the “Installation of power and structural anchorage to support two new robots required to automate fascia inspection. Anchorage for PDP/MCP and server panel.”

This comes after last year’s job posting for Quality Inspection Engineer, who would be responsible for installing and operating an automated camera inspection system into the existing manufacturing lines at the company’s Fremont facility.

Even today there’s an open position on Tesla’s careers page and judging by the job description, the EV brand seems to want to push the limits of automation as far as it can, including robotized quality control for its cars, cells, robotaxis, and even the upcoming Optimus humanoid robot:

“The Vision Automation team is part of the Vehicle Engineering organization. We own the centralized technical aspects of our multi-continent Gigafactory network and product line, including Tesla’s most important programs, such as the four S3XY models, Cybertruck, cell production, Robotaxis, Optimus, and new factories. The quality inspection team plays a role in making the factories every bit as revolutionary as the products themselves.”

A while back, Tesla had a plan to fully automate its production lines, with as few people involved as possible, but as CEO Elon Musk later admitted, excessive use of robots was a mistake, saying that “Humans are underrated.”

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