California-based electric bike specialist Ride1Up has quite an impressive array of electric bikes on the market—all of their bikes cater to the urban rider, and are priced at an extremely attractive price tag. The company is able to do this by designing its products in its headquarters in San Diego, but subsequently outsourcing production to China. As such, its popular models, like the Roadster v2 and Core-5 retail for just a hair over $1,000. 

While urban e-bikes are fun and practical ways to get around town, Ride1Up has decided to take things a step further with its newest creation, the Revv1. Designed as a Class 2 moped-style e-bike, the Revv1 is a versatile all-rounder intended for use both on and off-road. Best of all, it's incredibly affordable at just $1,895 for the hardtail version, and $2,395 for the dual-suspension model. 

Ride1Up Debuts The Revv1 Class 2 Moped-Style Electric Bike

Diving right into the meat and potatoes, the Revv1 is offered in two versions—a hardtail and dual-suspension setup. Both bikes are equipped with the same powertrain and battery. This consists of a 750W hub-mounted motor paired with a Class 2, 52-volt, 20-Ah battery pack. This setup is capable of propelling the Revv1 to a top speed limited to 20 miles per hour. Now, if you're thinking that's kinda boring, the Revv1's controller has a removable software limiter, which cranks power all the way up to 1,500 watts and speed in excess of 28 miles per hour.  

Of course, the Revv1 is equipped with all the necessary technology to handle such performance. A front suspension fork is included regardless of frame configuration, and so, too, are 20 x 4-inch fat tires, which enable the bike to roll on some pretty gnarly terrain. There's also a set of full coverage fenders to keep your clothes tidy as you ride. On top of that, the bike features built-in front and rear lights to illuminate the road ahead and keep you visible to other road users. 

As is the case with all of Ride1Up's goodies, the Revv1 can be customized to better suit your needs. The company offers a slew of aftermarket add-ons for the bike including front and rear luggage racks, foot pegs, a rear grab handle, and many more. As mentioned earlier, the new Revv1 from Ride1Up retails for $1,895 for the hardtail version, and $2,395 for the full-suspension version. 

Ride1Up Debuts The Revv1 Class 2 Moped-Style Electric Bike
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