Suzuki has just unveiled an electric crossover concept called eVX, which previews a future production model due in 2025. The design study was revealed at Auto Expo 2023 in India and it shows an evolution of the familiar Suzuki design, previewing an electric high-rider that that’s almost exactly the same size as today’s S-Cros model.

The Suzuki eVX concept is 4.3 meters (169 inches) long, 1.8 meters (70.1 inches) wide and 1.6 meters (63 inches) tall. It has an upright front fascia that does away with the idea of a purely ornamental grille, drawing focus to a large illuminated Suzuki badge.

The roofline dips towards the rear, making the vehicle almost look like a coupe SUV, helped by the slanted rear glass. One uninterrupted light bar dominates the rear view and it looks like it lifts completely with the hatch - we don’t know if this will stay for production, but it certainly helps clean up the design.

Gallery: Suzuki EVX Concept

Overall the design is definitely aggressive and even a bit sporty. It has short overhangs and prominent flanks, design details which will definitely inspire the production model. You can really see how wide the haunches are in the rear three-quarter view photo in the gallery.

The production EV will draw from a 60 kWh battery pack that will give it a range of up to 341 miles (550 kilometers). This is calculated on the Indian MIDC driving cycle, which isn’t as accurate as either the European WLTP or US EPA test cycles.

According to Toshihiro Suzuki, president of Suzuki,

I am delighted to unveil the eVX, our first global strategic EV. At the Suzuki Group, addressing global warming is a priority. We are promoting a range of global measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Suzuki will continue providing valuable products to our customers around the world by optimizing them for the way different people live and drive.

Suzuki also recently announced that it had entered a partnership with Ontario-based Inmotive Inc. to develop a two-speed transmission for electric vehicles. The manufacturer does say that it is for one of its future electric models, and since it doesn’t say exactly, we can speculate that it could be a feature present on its first EV.

No word yet about where Suzuki plans to sell this vehicle. It is being developed by its Indian subsidiary, Maruti-Suzuki, so it could be a model only reserved for Asia and possibly Europe, basically the markets where it is present today; the manufacturer stopped selling its vehicles in the US in 2012.

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