We recently shared with you that Tesla is now selling its Wall Connector home EV charging system at Best Buy. It also still sells the equipment on its own website, and no matter where you buy it, the price is the same and the shipping is free. Hopefully, you didn't just pick one up from Best Buy recently, because now Tesla has made it an even better value.

Tesla sells its Wall Connector for $400, which is a very good price for what you get. It also offers a version of the Wall Connector for non-Tesla EVs, which retails for $550. While that's not as appealing, it's still very reasonable compared to many rivals' models with similar power and features. Now that the US EV maker is aiming to make its connector the new standard for North America, it's pulling out some stops.

Upon visiting Best Buy, you'll see that the Wall Connector is now listed at $350. It's shown on the site as a $50 "Price Drop," so it's not clear whether it's a temporary deal for the holidays, or if this is just Tesla's new official price.

We headed over to Tesla's website and visited its online shop to make a comparison. As expected, the Wall Connector is listed on the store for $350.00. It's not shown as a price drop or a discount, but rather, it just seems that's the new price.

It would come as a bit of a surprise if Tesla turned around and raised the price unexpectedly in the future, though the company has been known to do such things. That said, there was no official announcement about the price drop, at least as far as we know.

Sadly for non-Tesla owners, the newer black J1772 Wall Connector is still listed on Best Buy's website, along with the Tesla Shop, for the regular price of $550. Perhaps Tesla will wait and offer a discount on the unit as it begins making more progress on opening up the Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs.

When this happens, it will certainly get the attention of many EV owners across the country, and perhaps they'll decide they'd like a Wall Connector for charging at home. However, we have no idea what Tesla has planned.

We'll be keeping our eyes on the price of Tesla's Wall Connectors and we'll provide updates if anything changes. In the meantime, what's your favorite home charging station? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section today.

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