The Wall Street Journal recently shared a survey from Morning Consult that suggests the brand's image is getting plenty of politics-related pressure. This is likely due to the fact that CEO Elon Musk has decided to make politics one of his primary focuses on Twitter, and now he's exposing all sorts of information from Twitter's past, which mostly supports the right.

Musk used to say that he doesn't really get into politics. Moreover, when he did start going down that road on Twitter some time ago, many fans asked him to cut it out. This is because politics are very heated at the moment, and Musk's words and actions are clearly rubbing some people the wrong way.

Upon acquiring Twitter, Musk has essentially made it public that it's his (and Twitter's) duty to hash out all of this political mess so that the people will trust the platform and move forward. However, in the process, many loyal Tesla fans appear to be losing faith in the automaker while their Republican colleagues are becoming new Tesla fans.

It's important to note that a single survey isn't enough to prove that something is actually happening, but there are many signs that point to the same information discovered by Morning Consult. Moreover, it's not as if Musk is trying to hide what's happening.

On the contrary, he's been very blatant about it, noting that he's voting Republican, going after Democrats who he feels have snubbed him, and even going so far as to tell people to vote Republican. This all comes at a time when Musk says Twitter must be neutral.

With all of that said, the Morning Consult's survey keeps a close watch on peoples' opinions about Tesla and how they change over time. The survey is specifically related to political parties, and it reveals that fewer Democrats see Tesla in a positive light than they recently did. Meanwhile, some Republicans are beginning to favor Tesla more than in the past.

According to Electrek, the survey shares:

Tesla’s net favorability among self-described Democrats in the U.S. fell to an average of 10.4% this month through Nov. 27, down from an average of 24.8% in October, according to Morning Consult. It rose to 26.5% from 20% among self-described Republicans during the same period.

The publication adds that Morning Consult's tech analyst Jordan Marlatt says Tesla appears to be transitioning to a "partisan brand."

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