The hugely extravagant GMC Hummer EV, which is incredibly large and loaded with technology, is most appropriately defined as a super truck. Along with this enormous electric truck, GMC has collaborated with Recon Power Bikes, a producer of electric bicycles, to create an equally ostentatious e-bike. The GMC Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive e-Bike is what it's called, and as its name implies, it has all-wheel drive.

The concept of all-wheel-drive bikes is nothing new. In fact, in both the bicycle and motorcycle worlds, several manufacturers have thrown AWD two-wheeler concepts to the wall, with nothing really ever sticking. The fact of the matter is simply that you don’t really need a two-wheel-drive bike. That being said, you probably also don’t really need a $112,500 USD electric truck, right? So it’s pretty easy to see where GMC and Recon Power Bikes are coming from with this limited edition electric two-wheeler.

GMC Unveils The Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive Electric Bicycle

The GMC Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive e-bike packs a hardtail frame and rolls on fat tires. Providing its all-wheel-drive capabilities is a pair of Bafang hub motors. Overall, t he bike produces 2.4 kW of power while operating at maximum throttle since each motor has a continuous power rating of 750W and a peak power rating of 1,200W. But despite all that power, it is still subject to e-bike restrictions, and its highest speed is still capped at 28 miles per hour. A 1 kWh battery pack powers those punchy motors, and the battery is detachable for off-bike recharge.

The e-bike gets multiple power modes allowing you to tailor its performance to your preferences. While in Traction mode, just the front motor is activated, Cruise mode only activates the rear motor. Both motors are activated simultaneously in adrenaline mode for real all-wheel drive performance. Fortunately, there are two four-piston hydraulic disc brakes on the bike to help slow it down when necessary. Additionally, the ride is also made a tad cushier thanks to those fat tires and a front suspension fork.

As for pricing and availability, you’d probably be glad to know that the GMC Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive e-bike is a lot cheaper than the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1. However, at $3,999 USD, it’s by no means a bargain, either. That being said, it’s packing a lot of power and excessive tech, so it’ll surely appeal to the techie crowd. The bike will soon be available in GMC dealerships, as well as via direct-to-customer online ordering.

GMC Unveils The Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive Electric Bicycle
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