This week, we have more news about Rivian production and the recall, Amazon's electric vans, Honda's upcoming EV factory in Ohio, and Hyundai's "hotel": Our Top EV News for the week of Oct 14, 2022.

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Production and Recall

Rivian is on a deadline to reach its 2022 EV production target of 25,000 vehicles. By September, the company had only manufactured less than 15,000 - but Wall Street is expecting greatness from Rivian. Rivian produced more EVs between July and September than in the entire first half of 2022. 

In other Rivian news, Rivian is working on a recall involving the tightening of a fastener.  Part of our team was at a Rivian Service Center in Denver last weekend driving the R1T and Rivian was actively working on the quick repair at their facility. They had a drive-up area set up for customers to pull into and get the repair done. It seems like Rivian has a good procedure down to get customers back on the road quickly.  

Amazon Electric

Amazon is spending €1 billion to electrify its delivery fleet in Europe over the next five years. Currently, Amazon only has 3,000 zero-emission last-mile delivery vans in Europe. These vans delivered 100 million packages last year. There were no specifics related to what vehicles Amazon plans on using in Europe, but Amazon does have 100,000 Rivian EDV 700s on order. 

Honda EV Factory coming to Ohio

A $3.5 billion Honda EV plant is coming to Fayette County, Ohio. Construction is planned to begin early next year and will produce lithium-ion batteries by the end of 2025. Overall, the investment will cost Honda around $4.4 billion, and the facility will employ around 2,200 people. 

Chillin at the Hyundai Inn

Hyundai is launching a hotel for electric vehicle owners that will be powered by EVs. The hotel stay offers a luxury cabin, dining, and a movie theater. The hotel will be built outside of London in the Essex countryside. Stays will be offered to the public in giveaways. I see a trip to Essex soon. 

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