Rivian R1T owner Jehu Garcia has owned his electric pickup truck for about four or five months. Unfortunately, his key fob has never worked properly. He says Rivian just couldn't seem to fix it. In fact, the fix was much more difficult than anticipated, and the automaker even got a team of engineers involved to try to figure out what was going on.

We've been following popular YouTube influencer Jehu Garcia ever since he took delivery of his new electric truck. He's been doing a solid job of keeping people apprised about the ins and outs of Rivian R1T ownership, and this most recent video may just be the most telling yet.

Garcia has been documenting his issues with the R1T, and he shed light on the key fob issue in the past. However, he never updated us on it since Rivian couldn't fix it. They tried over-the-air updates and went round and round, but eventually, the company put Garcia in touch with one of their engineers who was supposed to be able to help get to the bottom of the problems.

Sadly, Garcia says the engineer not only didn't seem to have a clue what was going on with the entire situation, but was also unable to fix the key fob. He simply explained that it was a unique and complicated problem. Months went by and Garcia never heard from Rivian, and he basically forgot about the issue until he needed to use the key fob again.

Garcia was under the impression that Rivian was supposed to be fixing the issue "in the background," along with some seven other tickets related to his R1T. Needless to say, he got frustrated and his patience was wearing thin, so he called again and basically demanded that the issues be addressed. Interestingly, Rivian told Garcia they had been waiting for him to bring the truck in for service. 

There's more to the story, but in the end, the R1T went into the service shop for over a week. It appears they finally fixed the key fob and key cards. Garcia assumed when he picked up the truck that they'd also fixed the other issues his wife had pointed out, but he made the video about the fob before looking into all the details of the service visit.

Sadly, Garcia was made aware that the issues with the fob and key cards likely had something to do with his Rivian account, but he says the service reps didn't clarify how to get it back to normal. They just sent him on his way, yet again. He assumes he won't hear from anyone and will have to reach out again if he can't figure out how to fix the issues with his account.

Garcia makes it clear that this could be a one-off situation. He's not sure if others have had similar issues with Rivian service centers, but he wanted to keep people informed about his experiences so that they're prepared in case things don't go well.

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