Mercedes-Benz is really not trying to differentiate its two electric SUVs, the EQS and the slightly smaller EQE. The former has already been revealed in full, and if the upcoming EQE SUV is anything like the sedan, then we expect it to be more or less identical to the EQS SUV, just a little bit smaller in size.

And these photos released by Mercedes a few months back to give us a sneak peek inside the EQE SUV seem to strengthen the fact that you really won’t be able to tell the two models apart at a glance. We actually compared photos of the recently revealed EQE SUV interior and photos from inside the EQS SUV, and even though we tried, we didn’t actually spot any differences.

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The high-riding EQE will even get the larger model’s 56-inch Hyperscreen array, the same level of mood lighting, the same switches and buttons in the exact same places. That being said, the cabin looks great and it will be one of the most special interiors of any vehicle on the market thanks to its very unique design, space and blend of tech.

The biggest difference is the available third row of seats that you can specify in the EQS SUV, which will not be available for the strictly five-seater smaller model.

As for the EQE SUV’s exterior, well, as previously stated, we think it won’t differ much from the high-riding EQS. In fact, all the spy photos of the EQE SUV that we’ve seen so far don’t show any noticeable differences, so in a way we feel like we’ve already seen the model, and we wonder why Mercedes didn’t just reveal it along with the EQS SUV.

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The manufacturer plans to fully unveil the raised EQE on October 16 with the promise that it will offer more interior room and practicality compared to the sedan model. And it will also probably be better looking than the strangely proportioned blob-like EQE, especially in the more aggressive AMG trim (pictured above under camouflage).

Powertrain and battery details have not been revealed, but we expect both to be identical to the sedan, although the SUV model being larger and heavier, it will also be slower and less efficient with a lower maximum range. For reference, the longest range EQE sedan model currently available has a 90.6 kWh (usable capacity) battery pack and a claimed WLTP range of 327 miles (526 km).

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