The world of electric bikes has evolved from the realms of necessity to include fun and exciting offerings in the world of recreational vehicles, and I’m not referring to for-sport electric road and mountain bikes. Here on InsideEvs, I’ve shared all sorts of fun and quirky e-bikes and trikes of all shapes and sizes. Today, we’re going to add to that list with the newest creation from Texas-based Mod Bikes, the Easy SideCar.

If the term “sidecar” has gotten you excited, then you certainly aren’t the only one. Sidecars are loved for their fun and laid back character, and I’m pretty sure the same is true for e-bike-based sidecars. Naturally, Mod’s Easy SideCar draws some inspiration from the three-wheeler’s military origins. This is most evident with its colorways consisting of Army Green and Charcoal Black. Apart from that, the Easy SideCar takes on a personality of its own. It rolls on 24-inch wheels with three-inch-wide tires, ensuring a cushy ride even on less-than-perfect road conditions.

Mod Bikes’ Easy SideCar Is A Modern Take On The Classic Three-Wheeler

While we’re on the topic of technical specifications, the Easy SideCar is equipped with a geared hub motor with a nominal power output of 750W and a peak output of 1,050W. The powertrain is capable of propelling the Easy SideCar to a top speed of 28 miles per hour, although MOD recommends you not to go beyond 10 miles per hour if the sidecar is installed. Battery-wise, the Easy SideCar is equipped with a 48V, 15 Ah battery, which Mod Bikes claims is good for a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge.

Mod Bikes’ Easy SideCar Is A Modern Take On The Classic Three-Wheeler

With that figure, we can assume that Mod is referring to optimum riding conditions, but hey, this fun-loving sidecar makes up for its lackluster mileage with its impressive payload capacity. Speaking of which, the Easy SideCar can carry 54 kilograms of cargo on the sidecar, which is enough for kids, pets, and lightweight adults. Additionally, the bike’s rear rack can hold an extra 25 kilograms, factoring in all your camping and picnic equipment for a day out in the countryside.

Overall, the Easy SideCar tips the scales at a rather hefty 69.6 kilograms, meaning it’s certainly going to be a struggle to haul this bugger around when not in use. Luckily, the battery is detachable allowing you to charge it off the bike. Other features on the Easy SideCar consist of hydraulic brakes, a full LED lighting system, and nifty techie features such as password-protected unlocking and a digital LCD instrument panel. The price for this fancy recreational vehicle? $4,190 USD. That said, you can opt to buy the Easy SideCar without the sidecar, in such a case, I’m guessing it’ll just be called the Easy—for the price of $3,290 USD.

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