Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw has owned multiple Teslas. In fact, he's owned a Model Y crossover, two Model 3 sedans, and a Model S Plaid. Shaw still has some of the vehicles, which he rents out on Turo while driving others. That said, it was time for a pickup truck, and the Tesla Cybertruck still hasn't come to market, so Shaw decided to buy a Rivian R1T.

Shaw makes it clear that Tesla is the true leader in EVs, not just by a slim margin. Legacy automakers are starting to dive headfirst into the segment, and some are bringing compelling options to market, but Shaw focuses more on the startups. He says that while there are several EV startups, including the likes of Fisker, Canoo, and Lordstown, Rivian and Lucid are the only ones delivering cars, aside from Tesla.

If you're in the market for an electric pickup truck, there are currently only three options in the US: the Rivian R1T, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and the GMC Hummer EV. While the base F-150 Lightning is well-priced, the upper trims aren't cheap. Meanwhile, no matter which version of the R1T or Hummer EV you choose, it's going to be pricey. So, why did Shaw decide to go with the R1T?

First of all, Shaw talks about why he wanted a pickup truck. He notes that even though the Tesla models do okay off the pavement, they're not really vehicles he wants to beat up. Having an EV that can brave the trails is something that appeals to him. Moreover, he often has to transport a good amount of gear (he's a drummer). Tesla vehicles tend to be roomier than their rivals, but they don't have the cargo capacity or versatility of a pickup truck, and the R1T also has the gear tunnel, a large frunk, underfloor interior storage, and a surprisingly roomy cabin.

Since Shaw rents his Tesla out on Turo, having another EV certainly won't hurt, and he can rent the R1T out as well. He explains that reserving these EVs early on is just smart, because it can take them a few years to come to market, and some people wait years to take delivery. During that time, the prices typically go up, and if you don't have one reserved, you'll likely have to pay more.

Shaw decided to reserve the R1T in the middle of December 2021. He figured, with a refundable deposit, it was a no-brainer. Now, while many people out there are hoping to get their hands on an R1T, Shaw has one that he ordered in advance, and he can rent it out to those who would like to spend some time with it.

Shaw shares loads of details in the video, so we'll leave you to watch it. However, we will tell you that he hasn't actually taken delivery of the R1T yet. When he does, we can expect to see many more videos showing off the electric pickup truck and highlighting its features. It will be interesting to learn what he thinks of the truck, and whether or not he ends up renting it out to others.

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