A Reddit user posted a short video of a Tesla Semi traveling west on I-80. According to people who attended Tesla's Giga Texas grand opening and delivery party, it's a Semi that was on display at the event. In fact, Teslarati says the electric hauler had been painted by an artist during the party.

The Tesla electric Semi was spotted in Colfax, California. It may simply have been out testing, though the paint was sure to get people's attention. Tesla clearly isn't trying to hide the Semi or any of its other future vehicles.

We just recently reported another Tesla Semi sighting that consisted of two Class 8 trucks driving on Interstate 80 near Donner Lake in the northeast area of California. Some people assumed the trucks, which both appeared to be updated, could have been on their way to PepsiCo in Modesto, California.

At any rate, Reddit user u/bookhouser published to following video clip of the Tesla Semi on I-80 in Colfax, which is between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. In fact, Colfax isn't too far from the area around Donner Lake where the other Semis were recently seen, and it's on the way to Modesto.

As you can see, it's not only the trailer that's painted. There's some artwork on the driver's side of the Tesla Semi's body as well. There was no artwork on either of the Semis that were recently spotted near Donner Lake, so it appears this is a different vehicle altogether. 

Why would these Tesla Semis potentially be heading to Modesto? PepsiCo (Frito Lay) has a large order of Tesla's electric haulers. Tesla has already installed Megachargers specifically for the Semis at Frito Lay's location in Modesto. PepsiCo continues to report that it's getting some of its Tesla Semis soon.

Tesla just recently reported its Q2 2022 financials and held its related conference call for investors. CEO Elon Musk, once again, confirmed that Tesla will start Semi production in 2023. The Tesla Cybertruck is supposed to arrive in 2023 as well.

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