There's no doubt that the Ford F-150 Lightning is quick, especially off the line. In fact, it seems just about everyone who drives the new Ford electric truck is wowed by its acceleration. Electric powertrains generate instant torque and potent acceleration. However, with the right powertrain, the gas-powered F-150 is also powerful and fast.

In the video above, which was produced and published by Backroad Driver, the Mizer Brothers race the all-new F-150 Lightning electric truck against a ridiculously powerful gas F-150. The Lightning is the base model with the Standard Range Battery. It's not exactly the fairest match-up, but the guys have already promised to race the more powerful Lightning with the Extended Range Battery in the future.

The gas-powered F-150 is a 2021 model with a V8 engine and a Whipple Stage 2 Supercharger. It makes an impressive 775 horsepower and 685 pound-feet of torque. The Lightning with the standard battery produces 426 horsepower, though it cranks out 775 pound-feet of torque. Models with the larger battery pack have the same amount of torque, but the horsepower increases to 563, which is still far behind the supercharged V8.

The video is short, sweet, and highly informative. They race the truck in a typical zero-to-60-mph battle, as well as a 40 to 80 mph roll race.

To be clear, the gas-powered F-150 is not only supercharged, but it also has headers, a huge exhaust, and just about every other mod that's possible to make it as fast as it can be. This is not your typical F-150 gasser, and it can blow a Raptor away, so keep that in mind as you compare it to the standard Lightning.

That said, regardless of the results, the guys seem honestly impressed with the Lightning. They weren't expecting to like it, and that's especially true of the standard version, but it clearly took them by surprise. They point out that there's nothing special they need to do to launch the electric truck, which isn't the case with the gas-powered F-150.

Once the brothers can get their hands on an F-150 Lightning with the Extended Range Battery, they plan to film another race against the model with the supercharged V8. They're also going to pit the more powerful Lightning against a 1,000-horsepower gas-powered pickup.

Once you've had a chance to check out the video and see the results, leave us a comment below.

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