The world of electric bikes is bustling with options that fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets. While there’s certainly a brand new electric bike out there for everyone, it’s definitely nice to keep your options open. In essence, an electric bicycle is simply a standard bicycle that’s been fitted with an electric motor, right? So in theory, it should be possible to convert any old bicycle to electric.

Sure, there are several electric conversion kits you can buy online. However, doing so doesn’t always guarantee a perfect (and safe) fit for your specific bicycle. This is where shops like Motion Madness come into play. Apart from selling brand new e-bikes across a variety of types and brands, Motion Madness also specializes in transforming standard bikes to electric. Based out of Fresno, California, Motion Madness can transform nearly any bicycle to electric, provided, of course, that it’s in good enough condition to be used safely given the added electric boost.

Mike Chakov and his son Ron Chakov are the masterminds behind Motion Madness E-Bikes. An article published by news and lifestyle publication GV Wire highlights the shop’s skills and talents, as well as sheds some light on how they convert standard bikes to electric. Understandably, the option to convert your bike to electric, as well as the cost of doing so, boils down to your bike’s overall condition, how fast you want to go, and how much range you want the battery to provide. “So people will come in because they really love their bike and they love the component,” said Ron. “So then we give them a price to convert it to electric.”

Explaining how Motion Madness converts existing manual bikes to electric, Mike explains, “we take the owner’s bike and convert it to either a mid-drive or a hub-drive, and we have done this to not only bikes but recumbents.” He went on saying, “a free inspection at our service center is available to qualify your existing bike.” Since 2018, the shop has converted about 150 road bikes, beach cruisers, and mountain bikes into electric pedal-assist bicycles.

Fresno-Based Shop Specializes In Converting Standard Bikes To Electric

The benefits of converting standard bikes to electric don’t end with just cost savings on the part of the end-users. For many people, bicycles are incredibly personal objects and hold quite a bit of sentimental value. Transforming your personal bicycle to electric not only increases its versatility, but allows you to elevate your riding experience with it, and go on more adventures aboard your trusty old steed.

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