Even though most EVs could have a front trunk, since there is no longer an internal combustion engine under the hood, not that many of them actually have one. Teslas were the first mainstream EVs to feature a frunk and they even popularized the use of the term, but Ford’s new EVs (Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning) have frunks too and the manufacturer wants you to know it.

Tesla’s Elon Musk has been credited by many as being the person who started to use the word frunk to describe a car’s front trunk. We don’t really know if they actually coined the word over at Tesla, but now Ford has decided to use it too, and not only that, it has also launched an ad campaign to popularize the term in an effort to make its use official.

The Blue Oval published three videos centered around the frunk called A Frunkin Cookout, A Frunkin Performance and A Frunkin Design. In all of these videos, Ford also wants to emphasize the fact that you can plug various electrical appliances and devices into the F-150 Lightning’s power outlets and thus you can run them anywhere.

Through the people chosen for this ad campaign, Ford is clearly aiming its electric vehicles at younger people. The manufacturer recently announced that it wanted to be an EV leader, especially in the pickup and commercial segments - the annual production target for the F-150 Lightning was more than tripled to 150,000, with Ford pointing to the 200,000 reservations it already has for the model as a clear indication of demand.

It also plans on launching more electric vehicles, including ones built on the Volkswgen MEB platform. The first of these is predictably another crossover (one that will look very American, according to Ford, so nothing like other vehicles built on this platform). This first MEB Ford is expected to enter production at the Ford Cologne plant in Germany in 2023, but there’s a strong chance there will be more than one MEB-based Blue Oval EV, as per the two manufacturers’ recent announcement that they want to expand collaboration.

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