Tesla wants to maintain (and secure) its position as a global electric vehicle leader and according to its founder and CEO, it has big ambitions to sell even more cars than it is today. The automaker is building factories around the world, with plans to build even more, and it seems the goal is to produce as many as 20-million EVs per year by 2030.

The company now operates some sixteen different facilities around the world, most of which either build cars or produce parts for them. Most recently, the automaker recently delivered the first vehicles (Model Y crossovers) built at its new factory in Germany (known as Giga Berlin, the Berlin Gigafactory or Gigafactory 4).

Last year was the automaker’s best in terms of sales volume, since it was able to sell nearly one million vehicles - 936,172 to be precise - marking an almost 90 percent increase year-over-year compared to 2020 when the company just missed reaching the 500,000 sales mark; that was again a significant improvement over 2019 when 367,500 units were delivered.

The 20-million sales per annum by the early 2030s seems like a big number, but it is what Elon Musk stated on the sidelines of the first Giga Berlin deliveries. Automotive News quotes the Tesla CEO as saying

I think it's aggressive, but not impossible, that we could do 20 million cars in 10 years. And that would be a good number because there's 2 billion cars and trucks in the world that are in active use, so 20 million would be then 1 percent of the global fleet per year.

Tesla will also expand its model roster by then - it will not keep building the same four models that it offers now. In regard to this, Musk expects that

As we are able to ramp production and satisfy demand in our existing markets, then we will be able to expand to other markets and we will also add additional products.

The newly inaugurated production facility in Germany is expected to reach an output of 500,000 cars yearly by 2025 - this year it is expected to produce around 54,000 vehicles, then 280,000 in 2023 and the ramp-up will continue until 2025.

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