MG is an almost century-old historic British automotive brand that was renowned for its sports cars many decades ago. Today, the rights to use the name were bought by China’s SAIC Motor which so far in Europe has only sold models mainly designed for the Chinese market, but that is about to change with the addition of new EV.

MG’s European lineup currently has two electric offerings in its lineup, both offering a tempting blend of range and affordability - the MG5 EV Long Range (something of a rarity in the EV segment, since it’s a BEV wagon) and the newer MG ZS EV (a sporty looking crossover with 273 miles of WLTP range).

The manufacturer recently teased a new model that is more specifically aimed at the European market, an angular electric hatchback which may be called the MG4, although CarNewsChina seems to hold the belief that it will actually be called the CyberE. We wrote about the MG4 teaser not long ago and we also obtained patent 3D model photos that showed the vehicle’s complete design.

Gallery: MG 4 Teaser screenshots

Now TopElectricSUV from India has posted this rendering that perfectly predicts the look of the future EV. This is clearly based around the same patent images that we posted, so it’s safe to assume that the final MG4 will be virtually identical to the vehicle depicted in this image.

It’s certainly a much more striking looking vehicle than even the ZS EV, which in turn looked much better than the older MG5. MG undoubtedly knows that in order to succeed in Europe’s mature markets, it really needs to invest more in its vehicles’ design, and if the ZS was the first sign that it is going in that direction, the new model seems to confirm it.

This Volkswagen ID.3 and Nissan Leaf rival is believed to rely on the 50.3 kWh smaller pack as found in the base ZS EV, although we cannot exclude the possibility that it could also be offered with the larger 70 kWh battery pack. The latter gives the ZS EV a claimed WLTP range of 273 miles (440 km) and its peak charging speed is 76 kW, making 0 - 80 percent state of charge possible in a claimed 43 minutes.

The MG4 will debut in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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