SEAT, together with its Cupra brand, reports 470,500 car sales in 2021 (up 10.3% year-over-year), including 391,200 SEATs (down 2.0%) and 79,300 Cupra (up 189.4%).

Out of that, 60,600 cars were all-electric or plug-in hybrids, which means a significant 311% increase year-over-year, compared to just 14,700 in 2020.

Nearly 12.9% of all SEAT/Cupra cars were rechargeable, however, in the case of the Cupra brand, the share is 41%.

In the case of all-electric cars, we know that SEAT has sold about 13,000 (up 78.0% year-over-year), which is a small contribution to the Volkswagen Group. The only BEV model in the lineup is the SEAT Mii Electric (Volkswagen e-up! counterpart).

SEAT all-electric car sales - Q4 2021


Cupra reports 3,300 units of Cupra Born (the Volkswagen ID.3 cousin), which entered production in September 2021 in Zwickau, Germany.

Sales of the Cupra Born started in November, which means that it's just an early beginning and in 2022 we will see a much higher volume.

"With regards to the CUPRA Born, the brand's first 100% electric car, which went on sale on November, 3,300 units have been delivered so far, a promising start that CUPRA expects to build on in the coming months."

This year, the Cupra Born will also get more versions:

"Following the successful launch of its first 100% electric vehicle, CUPRA Born, the brand will expand the range with different battery capacities (45, 58 and 77kWh) as well as the more powerful e-Boost version (170kW)."

CUPRA Born On Site
SEAT Mii electric
SEAT Mii electric

Plugin-in car sales in 2021 (official and estimated):

  • SEAT + Cupra: 60,600 (up 311%)
    BEVs: 16,300
    PHEVs: 44,300
  • SEAT: 28,000
    BEVs (SEAT Mii Electric): 13,000 (up 78.0%)
    PHEVs: 15,000
  • Cupra: 32,500
    BEVs (Cupra Born): 3,300 (new)
    PHEVs: 29,200

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of SEAT and CUPRA said:

“2021 was not the year we expected. After working hard to fight the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, our activities were severely affected by the semiconductor shortage. Demand for SEAT and CUPRA products has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and the shortage of semiconductors is creating frustration among our customers due to the high delivery times they have to face.”

“We expect to see a progressive recovery in the supply situation and vehicle production stabilising in 2022, and are optimistic towards the year ahead. Our clients remain our top priority and we will do everything we can to meet their expectations.”

SEAT sales in 2021:

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