Fan of the new Tesla Model S but not so keen on the yoke steering wheel? You wouldn't be alone - many have been frustrated by the yoke's awkwardness, particularly at low speeds. Despite source code on Tesla's website indicating a traditional steering wheel would also be offered, in reality it never was. However fear not, aftermarket Tesla tuner T Sportline are now offering their own range of 'normal' steering wheels for the revised Model S.

Currently T Sportline has two versions of the non-yoke steering wheel available. One is the Yoke Replacement 360 Leather Steering Wheel, which will set you back $2,299. The other option adds carbon detailing and costs $3,499. You can also get the standard 360 Leather Steering Wheel in custom upholstery for an additional $200. 

Quite a lot to pay for a normal steering wheel then, but at the same time if you can afford to spend in excess of $100,000 on a new Model S perhaps to you T Sportline's steering wheels represent good value for money.

2021+ Model S owners, how do you find the yoke wheel? Is it as clumsy and awkward as others claim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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