BMW is not following the trend of having separate, parallel ranges of ICE vehicles and EVs that are built on different platform. The Bavarian automaker is instead making two distinct versions of some models, powered either by electrified fuel-burning engines or just electricity, and the next-gen G60 5 Series is one of those models.

The manufacturer will use i followed by a number as the naming scheme for all these new EVs and the 5 Series’ equivalent will be the i5. Our spies have already snapped photos of camouflaged next-gen 5 Series prototypes, but the camo is a bit too heavy to allow us to tell what the vehicle will look like exactly.

And there’s also one rumor floating around that BMW will not just make an i5 sedan, but also an i5 Touring, an all-electric 5 Series wagon. It’s been suggested that the i5 Touring would arrive later than the sedan, which is expected to be shown either this year or in 2023.

But take the time frame with a grain of salt because we are currently not even sure such a vehicle is even being officially considered, let alone its exact launch date. We would certainly like to see the i5 Touring happen, as it would be a truly unique (practical) proposition in a market where crossovers are now seen as the practical option, not wagons.

And if you want to get an idea of what this i5 Touring might look like, check out the very believable rendering supplied by It not only tries to predict what the i5’s fascia will look like, but also how it will fit in with the wagon body style.

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