While it may seem as though every Tesla owner wants access to Full Self-Driving Beta, that's not really the case. Some owners never paid for the technology in the first place, and others aren't even trying to get a Safety Score that's high enough to guarantee access.

Sure, many folks are likely eager to try the technology, especially if they paid big money for it years ago and still haven't had the opportunity to so much as experience it. However, being a beta tester may seem like a major responsibility to some people, and one that they may not be in a position to sign up for. Moreover, some people probably just don't feel safe using the technology.

Dirty Tesla, who has been publishing plenty of outstanding videos showcasing FSD Beta, put together a video revealing his wife's feelings and reactions related to the driver-assistance system. Not only does he show her reactions as a passenger while the technology is engaged, but he also has the camera rolling while she takes over the driver's seat and gets to experience the system for herself.

The video provides a very unique perspective that's certainly unlike anything we've seen to date. Dirty Tesla's wife talks about the technology and her feelings related to how it's performing while he's in the driver's seat, which makes it even more interesting to see how she reacts when she's in control.

In the end, Dirty Tesla comes to the conclusion that FSD Beta isn't "wife approved." More specifically, not everyone is ready for FSD, and some people are just either not cut out for beta testing, or simply have no desire to deal with it, which makes sense. Perhaps they just want the technology they paid for to be ready to use as advertised, and not in beta mode.

Dirty Tesla highlights some key moments from the video, which we've shared below.

Top 5 Interesting Moments:

  • From ~0:53-3:00 the car does pretty well
  • 3:10 - I need to change lanes for people in the road
  • 4:27 - The car does a poor job moving into left turn lane, then doesn't seem it will stop at stop sign (thumbnail)
  • 7:10 - Wife tries beta, set to chill, crazy in parking lots
  • 10:50 - Curvin, feeling better

Check out the video to see the reactions for yourself. Then, let us know your take on the whole FSD Beta situation. How long will people have to wait before Full Self-Driving is no longer in beta mode? Will it ever actually be full self-driving technology?

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