Mercedes-Benz will soon be pulling the wraps off the Vision EQXX concept, a vehicle with adaptive aero designed be as aerodynamically efficient as possible. This slippery study, which will debut on January 3, 2022, has a claimed range of 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) on one charge and it will rely on extra solar power to achieve it.

The automaker doesn’t go into detail about how big an impact this extra solar power will have on the vehicle, or where the solar cells will be located, but this study apparently previews a production model. This essentially means Mercedes is working on a rival for the Lightyer One set to be revealed in its final production form next year.

The vehicle’s design is dictated by the requirement for it to be very slippery, but Mercedes assures us that it will still be great to look at too. And judging by the glimpses that we’ve already caught of the EQXX, we can certainly say there is visual appeal in its long, low, tapering sedan shape.

Not much else is known about the Vision EQXX right now, but Mercedes-Benz did launch a documentary series detailing its development and the goals the company has for this vehicle. Two episodes are already out and they focus on the challenges and struggles faced by planners, engineers and designers when they created the vehicle.

We are quite excited by the prospect of a credible solar EV from an established manufacturer and the EQXX will surely not disappoint. However, the finished production version may have the same problem as the Lightyear One, which costs from €149,000 or around $170,000, so it’s quite expensive and only really destined for people who are willing to pay more to be early adopters.

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