The long-rumored Apple Car will seemingly become a reality, with recent reports indicating the tech-giant is working hard on its development and hoping for a 2025 release date. The firm is focusing on making the Apple Car fully autonomous according to several sources, aiming to better the likes of GM and Tesla who are currently the class leaders when it comes to self-driving tech.

Apple reportedly had to choose between making a car with limited self-driving capabilities but good steering and acceleration or going all-in on autonomy and making a vehicle that doesn’t require any human intervention whatsoever. The latter would undoubtedly cost substantially more and take drastically longer to develop, but this is Apple after all and they opted for the fully autonomous approach.

The Apple Car project is being led by Kevin Lynch, who oversaw the development of the Apple Watch. He replaced Doug Field who left for Ford in September. Field himself worked at Apple for three years, having previously been a top exec at Tesla. The development process, known internally as “Project Titan”, has been going on since 2014 and has undergone a number of drastic changes during that period.

However, Apple now seems to be incredibly focused and knows exactly what they want out of “Project Titan”. All going to plan, the Apple Car will arrive by 2025. That date is much sooner than many predicted, including a number of Apple engineers who believed only a few months ago that the vehicle was at least five-to-seven years out.

Could the launch of the Apple Car be the next iPhone moment? Will it revolutionize the entire car industry in ways not even Tesla has achieved? Only time will tell.

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