Volvo clearly believes it got it right initially with the XC40 crossover, because the recent facelift doesn’t appear to change a single thing. The same goes for the fully-electric XC40 Recharge, which appears to have hardly changed at all, although if you take a closer look, you do start to notice where Volvo has made changes.

The biggest change, which you may not notice at first, but after you see it, it really sticks out, are the new headlights. Well, they aren’t new, but borrowed from the C40 Recharge, the coupe-like model of the XC40 and whether or not they improve the look of the front end is debatable - tell us in the comments if you like the new headlights or prefer the old ones.

Gallery: Volvo XC40 Recharge Facelift

Upon closer inspection, you also see the revised front bumper that has more clearly defined sharp creases. It looks more modern and more Polestar-like and it goes well with the redesigned blanked out grille that on the facelift XC40 looks less like the grille of an ICE vehicle that had been covered up by plastic trim - the cover is better integrated with the rest of the design.

From the side, nothing appears to be different, although the wheel design might be new. The rear of the vehicle also seems identical, except for the rear light clusters that have been very subtly redesigned - you really need to put new and old side by side in order to see the difference, but it’s there. The interior appears completely unchanged, although there may be some different materials used.

We'll update this post when we find the powertrain, battery, charging or spec changes that Volvo has made in the XC40 Recharge range with this facelift. Right now all we have are the photos.

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