Last week, EV startup Faraday Future announced that Munro & Associates will assist with the production-readiness process of its FF 91 flagship through comparative analysis and quality assessment.

Well, it looks like Faraday Future’s new "Co-creation consultant" already got to work, as a video posted on the Munro Live YouTube channel shows. A team of consultants visited the startup's headquarters in California to take a close look at a prototype of the FF 91 luxury EV. 

Now, what you see in the video is just the first contact of Munro & Associates with the FF 91. Over the next year, Faraday Future’s headquarters will host its Co-creation consultant for “hands-on experiences with the intelligent techluxury FF 91” and “independent comparative analysis against the current ultra-luxury market.” 

Faraday Future believes the Munro team will offer valuable feedback and outside perspective on its flagship offering, thanks to its vast experience that includes quality assessments for over 100 vehicles in the past decade.

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“We are excited to work with Munro & Associates, who has a tremendous amount of experience in the electric vehicle space and has a highly respected reputation within the industry. We are grateful to be on the right track in our production of the FF 91 Futurist and to have the support and opportunity to co-create our products and technologies with this esteemed firm.” 

Carsten Breitfeld, Faraday Future Global CEO

Munro & Associates has a successful track record of assisting companies to reduce their “time to market,” R&D, engineering and manufacturing costs, while also helping increase the quality of products, processes and systems. It's also worth mentioning that Sandy Munro, the consulting firm’s founder and CEO, has provided even-handed assessments for every go-to market EV since 1991.

So how did Faraday Future’s FF 91 fare during its first contact with Munro & Associates? Well, the Munro people do not provide any feedback (that will be given to Faraday Future), but watching them meticulously analyze the FF 91’s fit and finish and perform gap and flush measurements of all the components is very interesting.

The video also reveals that the team is benchmarking the FF 91 for quality against the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and the Bentley Bentayga.

Faraday Future aims to start low-volume production of the FF 91 in July 2022, having recently completed installation of pilot equipment in its pre-production build area at the Hanford facility. A month ago, the startup also announced Dräxlmaier as the supplier for the luxury EV's interior consoles.

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