NIO reports record electric car sales in September, surpassing for the very first time 10,000 units in a single month.

The Chinese company sold a total of 10,628 electric cars (up 126% year-over-year), which really stands out on the chart below, as the previous record was barely above 8,000 in June.

It seems that the supply chain issues noted in August were mostly solved and NIO might now start to regularly note five-digit results.

According to CnEVPost, the demand was recently so high that NIO has decided to sell its showroom cars. It will be interesting to see whether the supply will be able to catch with demand in Q4.

An important thing for NIO is that the ES6 model has reached an outstanding month with a record of 5,260 units. The EC6 also has set a new record of 3,390. The ES8 has been at one of the highest levels ever, aside from the record post-launch months.

Sales by model:

  • ES6 (5-seat SUV): 5,260 (up 64% year-over-year)
  • EC6 coupe version of the ES6: 3,390 (vs the first 16 a year ago)
  • ES8 (7- or 6-seat SUV): 1,978 (up 33%)
  • Total: 10,628 - (up 126% year-over-year)

NIO sales in China – September 2021


So far this year, NIO sold over 66,000 electric cars.

  • ES6: 29,294
  • EC6: 22,734
  • ES8: 14,367
  • Total: 66,395 (up 152% year-over-year)

Cumulatively, NIO sold 142,036 electric cars and over 83,700 fall on the most recent 12 months.

The result of 24,439 in the Q3 2021 is above the higher end of the company’s quarterly guidance.

NIO is currently quickly expanding its battery swap network in China (already over 500 stations) and introducing the ES8 model in Norway. With the upcoming ET7 model in the last straight to launch in Q1 2022, the perspectives are positive.







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