A criminal tries to outrun police and flee on a San Francisco Bay Area highway. A Tesla is caught in the middle as chaos ensues and drivers try to avoid the situation. This isn't just any typical dashcam (TeslaCam) footage of a police chase, but rather, a video complete with a helicopter, multiple car crashes, and carjackings. This is nuts!

If you follow the space closely, and you didn't already guess it, the video above comes to us from popular YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam. It's not the usual montage of a whole slew of dashcam clips, but instead, one of Wham Baam's Teslacam Stories. These stories take a deeper look at various events involving Tesla owners.

Tesla Model 3 owner Ben was driving in the Bay Area when a car sped past him. Soon thereafter, a police car passed by. It was clearly chasing the fleeing car. In addition, there was already a helicopter overhead that was involved.

The criminal exited the highway, so the footage shifts to video from the copter. More specifically, the footage is from the California Highway Patrol's Golden Gate division. The copter video is complete with dialogue from the officers involved.

As the story goes, the suspect got back on the highway and ended up turning around and traveling in the wrong direction, directly toward the officers and others. Of course, this resulted in a whole host of crashes and chaos. Still, amid the disaster, the suspect was able to get away again even though the car was missing a wheel and had a punctured tire.

The getaway car finally came to a stop as it was blocked by oncoming traffic, so the driver and passenger exited the car and attempted to carjack another vehicle. It appears they had weapons in hand. They also worked to carjack a second car.

Fortunately, the police were able to apprehend the criminals before they get away in the carjacked vehicles. Both the driver and passenger were arrested. Check out the video for the epic footage, as well as more details. Then, leave us a comment below.

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