We’re back for another installment of EV Morning. The biggest story this week has of course been the IAA Mobility Show in Germany, but we’ll stick in a couple of other stories also. Stay tuned for the details! 

Tesla News 

Despite all the excitement of EVs taking over at IAA Mobility in Munich, in contrast to Tesla’s factory delays in Germany, there’s been plenty going on around the world. One of Tesla’s great strengths is its Supercharger network. And it’s going to get even stronger. Yes, they have just completed the construction of a factory in China that will produce the Supercharger stalls themselves. It’s a relatively small factory, but it’s due to operate for about 300 days a year, 22 hours per day. When it ramps up to full production, it should produce up to 10,000 V3 units per year.  

And while we’re talking about Tesla, it’s worth mentioning that their factory in Nevada has produced its one-millionth battery pack. Wow, that’s a lot of batteries! Of course, they have been producing lots of the 2170 cylindrical cells that go into the Model 3 and Model Y, so production is up to about 35Gwh, and may well get close to 40GWh by the time the factory completes the 14th production line.  

Battery Containers  

I like EVs…and I like beer. So when I hear about a story combining the two my ears prick up! Dutch company, Zero Emissions Services has supplied the first ship featuring their battery containers. The Alphenaar sails between Alphen aan den Rijn and Moerdijk. And can you guess what some of its cargo is? Yes, beer! Heineken is one of the more famous companies to sign up for a 10-year deal that will see them transport their beer through inland waterways to the port of Rotterdam. 

2MWh of battery capacity is stuffed into a standard 20ft container, which also houses various safety and communications equipment. 45 modules make up the pack. The containers can be removed and swapped at port. They can be charged on renewable energy, and the company reckons that 2 packs on board are enough to sail the ship for a few hours and cover up to 120km. 

IAA Mobility 

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you’ll have noticed that all the talk has been about what’s going on in Munich! And we were lucky enough to have Daniel over there with his camera to get some fantastic insight. There were so many cars on show, from futuristic prototypes to in-production models, so there’s just no way to get through them all now. So be sure to head over to our other videos after this to get more detail. 

Daniel had already driven the BMW i4 M50, so it was good to see him do a walk around the i4 in Munich. Now we’ve already covered the car in detail so you can check out that video later if you want. It’s a hugely promising car, and great to see some traditional manufacturers having a good attempt at a saloon-style as opposed to all of the SUVs we’ve been seeing recently. Speaking of which, Daniel stayed on the BMW stand to take a look at the iX. He has his doubts about the car, especially its size and design. But he took time to have a look through some of the features to give a balanced view of it. 

But it wasn’t all giant, luxurious vehicles in Munich. We had a good look around the Ora Cat and the City One also. 

The Ora Cat was described by Daniel as ‘like nothing else I’ve ever seen before. It’s a hatchback-style EV with just over 60kWh capacity that is expected to cost around €30,000. He was impressed with the quality of the materials.  

He also took a good look around the City One that features a 10kWh battery cased within the car, in addition to a further 16kWh of removable battery packs that are housed under the floor of the boot. Perhaps most surprising is the weight of the car as it comes in at one tonne. Wait, I take that back, even more interesting is that you can turn the car into a billboard as it has a rear-facing screen at the back of the car! Hugely exciting stuff! 

Daniel had a good look around the upcoming Renault Megane E-TECH. He was impressed with the digital cockpits and the boot space. With a price tag of just under €40,000, and this amount of features, the Renault could be quite popular indeed.  

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