While the Lordstown Endurance pickup approaches a limited production stage, the company works also on other projects that potentially could provide important additional revenue streams.

One such project is the Military Electric Vehicle (MEV), demonstrated during Lordstown Week in June.

It's a six-seat military vehicle based on the same EV tech as the pickup. It has four in-wheel hub motors, for all-wheel drive with torque vectoring between the wheels.

Lordstown Motors MEV
Lordstown Motors MEV

Media representatives had a chance to take a ride in the Lordstown Motors MEV on an off-road track, including jumping and driving through water.

It's not possible to judge capabilities solely from the videos, but it does pretty well and might be a good starting point for a non-armored, patrol EV or some other applications. We assume that the armor would make it much heavier and thus challenging for a BEV application (perhaps a range-extender would be then considered).

The key element in the case of military vehicles is reliability and Lordstown Motors hints that its target is to achieve an "exceptional durability" of its hub motors.

In the Endurance, four motors are rated for a peak system output of 600 hp (about 440+ kW). The 109 kWh battery is expected to translate into more than 250 miles (402 km) of range. MEV setup might be different than the one in a commercial pickup. The company even said that it would like to develop other versions of the motors.

The Endurance pickup is currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2022 (commercial deliveries). Only time will tell, whether we will see any derivative models in 2022, or 2023. The original plan was to introduce multiple commercial models that would share EV tech.

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