According to a new report from The Driven, Tesla has plans for a Model Y with much more range. In fact, the publication refers to the new variant as a "super long-range" Model Y, though that's not the case if you translate the figures to EPA estimates. Tesla's vehicles already offer more range than the competition, and in some cases, significantly more. However, the brand continues to dial it up amid claims that its EPA ratings seem somewhat generous.

Word of the new Model Y variant came out of China, where Tesla was recently approved for five new Model Y trims. Moreover, Tesla is now exporting the Model Y from its Shanghai Gigafactory. The Driven shared the following documents that were reportedly filed in China. The publication writes:

"The new variant, which has been registered in the new filings alongside existing variants, will have 640km of driving range according to the NEDC rating that is still used in China (as well as Australia)."

While 640 km is significant, it's based on the NEDC scale. With that said, the publication clarifies that in real-world driving, this will likely work out to an average of 550 km (342 miles), so not "super long," but still an impressive increase, nonetheless. The Driven says it came to the 550 km number by figuring an EPA-estimated range of about 565 km (351 miles) and a WLTP range of 584 km (363 miles). 

The documents don't specify the Model Y's battery pack size, though there is information stating that this is a dual-motor all-wheel-drive crossover with a 137kW front motor and a 184kW rear motor. The documents also note 559Nm of torque (about 412 pound-feet).

The Driven is published out of Australia, and it notes that while the Model Y isn't currently for sale in the country, it's coming soon. In fact, three right-hand-drive units are already out testing in OZ. It only makes sense that these will come out of China.

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