Skoda chose not to make its own model equivalent to the Volkswagen ID.3, opting to launch an ID.4-rival, the Enyaq, as its first electric vehicle based on the MEB platform. And it looks like it still doesn’t want to make its own version of the ID.3, which is what SEAT/Cupra is doing, and according to a recent report, Skoda’s third EV will be another crossover.

Next, the Czech automaker will launch the Enyaq Coupe, its equivalent to the Volkswagen ID.5, and after that hits the market, it will focus on the ID.3-sized crossover. As with virtually all its offerings, Skoda will concentrate on making the vehicle as spacious and as practical as possible, and just like all other MEB-based vehicles, it will be rear-wheel drive with several battery pack options.

Autocar quotes Oliver Stefani, Skoda’s design chief, as saying

Spaciousness is very important for us. Spaciousness is very important for us. It’s functionality. People love it, and it’s not something we want to give up. Every brand must play its roles. The big loading area and boot is something you find on the Enyaq. And compared with other partners who share the platform, it has the longest rear overhang. We’re 100% convinced that even with a big boot, we can make a nice, attractive car.

Regarding the look of the new EV from Skoda, it could mark a more dramatic departure from the firm’s ICE offerings. With the Enyaq and Enayq, Skoda didn’t want to make its vehicles look too different from the ones it was already selling, hence the very traditional looking shape and the prominent faux grille.

However, Oliver Stefani pointed out that as the automaker adds more electric vehicles into its range, it will adopt a bolder approach to their design. This could be enforced with the ID3-sized crossover or vehicles launched after it, we currently don’t know.

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