So far, the Volkswagen ID.3 electric compact hatchback is offered only in Europe, but it might change in the near future.

The German manufacturer has not shown particularly high interest in launching the ID.3 globally (like the ID.4), specifically in North America, but how about China?

As we can see in the video from late 2020, a camouflaged Volkswagen ID.3 already appeared in China. It could be part of the general development of the ID.3 or some work related to launching it in China specifically.

According to the latest media reports from China, the ID.3 might be launched by Volkswagen's joint ventures next year. Moneyball reports after Chinese media, that unofficially SAIC Volkswagen is interested in production of ID.3 starting in 2022.


That would be another ID model in China. Currently, the two joint ventures offer two models: ID.4 and the newly launched ID.6:

  • FAW-Volkswagen (production plant in Foshan)
    ID.4 CROZZ
    ID.6 CROZZ
  • SAIC Volkswagen (production plant in Anting)
    ID.4 X
    ID.6 X

We can guess that it would be reasonable to launch the ID.3 in China if there is strong enough demand for this type of car and this would help VW to capitalize on the developments.

The ID.3 will also have a Cupra Born version, while the promising SEAT el-Born concept appears to be ditched, despite it probably being the best-looking one.

Cupra Born
Cupra Born
Seat el-born (219)
SEAT el-Born

Another derivative of the standard Volkswagen ID.3 might be a sporty ID.3 GTX.

Anyway, we look forward to hear more about Volkswagen ID family in China, as the manufacturer promised tons of new electric cars and is building manufacturing capacity for a total million units annually.

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