Italdesign has presented some of the most striking concept cars in history – some of them electric. WAE (Williams Advanced Engineering) helped Lotus develop the apart from being a Formula E battery pack supplier. Both companies joined forces to allow anyone to sell a high-end electric car. If you have deep pockets and the dream to build your EV, Italdesign and WAE can help you through the entire process.

Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering - Modular electric platform

Although Italdesign currently belongs to the Volkswagen Group, the vehicles will not use the MEB or any of the other electric platforms of the German carmaker. It will be WAE and its EVX architecture.

Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering - Modular electric platform

The British company said it has been developing this platform for years already, making it WAE’s main contribution to the deal. The architecture is scalable and can have a battery pack of up to 120 kWh. The battery pack, made of composite materials, is structural. That means it helps give the car its rigidity. 

Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering - Modular electric platform

According to WAE, that would allow the platform to offer a convertible car that behaves like a closed one – without twisting as much as drop-top vehicles do. Being that rigid also allows the front and rear structures to absorb more energy in crashes. That implies EVs with EVX underpinnings will be a lot safer than the competition.

Motoring Research had a chat with WAE and discovered Italdesign helped improve the interface between the platform and the car body, which the Italian company will probably design.

The new partners offer companies interested in their services all the development process, from designing the vehicle to developing, homologating, and manufacturing them. Production capacity can reach 10,000 units, with 500 of them at Italdesign facilities.

Gallery: Italdesign And Williams AE Present Their New Electric Platform

Considering the EVX can stand up to 1,360 hp and that the battery pack can be increased to 160 kWh (for a range of over 620 miles), pricing these future cars starting at £100,000 ($139,420 at the current exchange rate) sounds like a bargain.

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