With the Tesla Semi truck arriving late this year or next, Tesla is starting its Semi Service Program. The electric automaker has posted job positions for Tesla Semi service technicians in four California cities and one in Nevada, according to a report by Electrek. The California cities include Fremont, Stockton, Rocklin, Fresno, and the single Nevada city is Reno.

The majority of the cities are located along the 260-mile route between Tesla’s Fremont factory and Gigafactory Nevada in Sparks, NV. Tesla transports mass quantities of cargo between the two factories. Many Tesla vehicle components are made in Nevada and shipped to Fremont where vehicle assembly happens. 

So it appears these new Semi service positions will be supporting Tesla Semi trucks carrying Tesla cargo along the route. This is a great opportunity for Tesla to test how the Semi truck performs on the job and a great way to diagnose and repair any early issues they might have before delivering the trucks to customers. 

This route will also be an opportunity to test convoy platooning, which Tesla claims will cost $0.85 per mile (using a three-truck convoy) versus $1.51 a mile using a diesel truck. 

Tesla Semi truck prototypes have been spotted in a few locations, but this one spotted in February was traveling on a trailer along the Tesla factory route. Let’s hope the next one will be towing a trailer. This video shows the Semi testing on the test track in Fremont

The 260-mile Tesla factory route will soon become busier thanks to a planned “low volume” Tesla Semi production line in Gigafactory Nevada. That production line plans to produce five Tesla Semis a week later this year

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