See the first two Beta units drive on their own power.

Lordstown Motors officially announced today that the first two Endurance Betas rolled off the manufacturing line.

It's an important milestone on the road to beginning production of the final version later this year - from September. The video shows the employee celebration at Lordstown Motors HQ.

Lordstown Motors Endurance Beta
Lordstown Motors Endurance Beta
Lordstown Motors Endurance Beta
Lordstown Motors Endurance Beta

In total, the company intends to produce a series of 57 Beta trucks for a variety of tests, before being ready to make customer vehicles.

"This significant milestone — for the company and the EV industry — is a testament to the hard work, skill and work ethic of the 500 Lordstown Motors associates.

They are critical to our success as we push ahead producing the rest of our 57 Betas and dedicating our energies to beginning mass production this September."

In April, Lordstown Motors will participate in the San Felipe 250 race, which will be quite an interesting major public test of the Lordstown Endurance all-electric pickup. We are especially interested in the performance and durability of the in-wheel motors.

The company has something to prove. Hindenburg Research questions multiple things, including the number of pre-orders. Another thing to worry about is the relatively small mileage of tests before the anticipated market launch of the final vehicle.

We are eager to see the in-wheel motor pickup truck in action.

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