We love the footage captured by Teslacams and Sentry Mode and the fact that the YouTube channel, Wham Baam Teslacam, finds interesting clips and puts them together in a video compilation every couple of days.

In their latest video, we get to see a Honda crash into the rear of a pickup truck, an SUV hit a highway barrier, run into another SUV and flip it over, a runaway tire crash into a truck, and more.

Honda crashes into pickup
The Honda suffers severe front end damage and rips off the pickup truck's rear bumper

Here's a rundown of this episode's recordings

  • @0:15 Honda crashes into a pickup truck
  • @1:03 An accident at a traffic light totals a Model 3 
  • @1:45 Pickup truck loses a tire
  • @2:25 Audi driver almost losses it on a snow-covered road
  • @4:20 Toyota drives on the wrong side of the road and gets pulled over
  • @5:05 Oscar Mayer Weinermobile spotted
  • @5:53 Black SUV hydroplanes and spins out
  • @6:17 Woman puts on a brief dance show for parked Tesla
  • @6:35 Muffler on the road takes out Tesla bumper
  • @7:20 Tesla admirer in Malaysia takes picture of a rare Tesla sighting
  • @7:55 Accident in a roundabout
  • @8:25 Pickup truck tries to roll coal on Tesla
  • @9:04 Fiat 124 Spider drives on the wrong side of the road and gets pulled over
  • @11:25 A 'Formation Thunder' recorded by Sentry Mode in Auckland, New Zealand
  • @11:38 Curious driver asks about Model 3's huge center display screen
  • @12:36 Sentry Mode records unusual Tesla interaction

The very first video shows the Honda crashing into the pickup truck which then plows into the rear of another Honda. It appears the driver may have been distracted and not watching the road because they hit the brakes way too late and simply cannot slow down fast enough to prevent the collision. It only takes a few seconds of texting or whatever to get yourself in a position that is going to lead to an accident, and Teslacam captures so many of these completely avoidable situations. 

We've time-stamped all of the video clips so you can jump to the ones that sound most interesting to you.

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