We could probably report on the latest Joe Rogan Experience podcast interview with Elon Musk all day long. Don't worry, we'll have plenty of other news. However, there's just so much compelling and entertaining information in the podcast, and many people simply don't have time to listen to it all. Arguably the weirdest exchange was the two talking about the time the Tesla Cybertruck window shattered on video.

Chances are, Musk probably doesn't want to remember. Think about it. The world is waiting to see the rough and tough Tesla Cybertruck, with its bulletproof glass. It arrives at the launch event, and it's certainly a sight to see. There's no question the Cybertruck looks tough. However, when Tesla's senior design executive attempts to break it, he's successful, but only after Musk encourages him to try harder to break it. Musk's response at the time:  “Oh my f****** god”. He later tweeted:


During the Cybertruck launch, Tesla tried to prove the strength of the glass with other tests, but those tested the glass independent of the truck. Reportedly, the team had tried to break the glass before the event, just to make sure it would hold up. In addition to Musk's tweet above, there was other talk and speculation that damage could have been done to the glass during the behind-the-scenes tests. However, it if is bulletproof glass that's impossible to break, it simply shouldn't have been damaged and then broken.

At any rate, Musk tells Rogan that before the event, he must have thrown hundreds of steel balls at the Cybertruck window. He says that was likely the problem. If you keep throwing steel balls, it's probably eventually going to break. However, he also reiterates the info from the tweet above. There are more details in the video, and it's much more entertaining to hear it directly from Musk.

Check out the video to hear the exchange. Then, tells us how you feel about it in the comment section below. Do you believe Musk? Is it really a big deal?

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