While there were various pickup versions of the H1, H2 and H3, for me the defining Hummer shape was that of a two-box off-roader, with the roof extending all the way to the end of the vehicle (the H1 had five distinct body styles, actually). That’s why even though the new GMC Hummer EV pickup is cool and not at all a stretch for the Hummer brand, I’m actually waiting for the two-box model to arrive on the scene, but until then I’ve made a rendering to preview what it will look like.

Gallery: GMC Hummer EV SUV rendering colors

GMC has already teased the side profile of the SUV version of the new Hummer EV, so we already have a rough idea of what it will look like from a lateral perspective. To my eyes, the roof extending all the way to the back just makes the vehicle look a bit more luxurious, and less like something you’d use to haul farm equipment around (then again, this may be because we Europeans don’t really see pickups as daily drivers).

The SUV body style has practical benefits too. Sure, you can’t fit the same kind of voluminous items in its trunk as you could in an open bed, but at least whatever you put there will stay dry (and not get stolen). This body style would also make more sense if you wanted to take your big dog with you on your electric off-road adventure in the Hummer EV.

Right now, GMC has not released the planned color palette for the Hummer EV, but I went ahead and gave the vehicle in my SUV body style rendering some color. It’s not that the whiteish color it was revealed in isn’t stylish - quite the contrary - but if I was considering buying one of these, I’d probably go for something a little bit brighter.

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