Luca de Meo, the new CEO of Renault, has introduced at the eWays event today an all-new all-electric Renault Megane eVision concept, based on the upcoming new CMF-EV platform (developed for the entire Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance)

It's not only a great looking dynamic compact hatchback, but as it turns out, it shows 95% of what the production car will look like.

"Dedicated to electric power, CMF-EV allows a move away from traditional dimensions and style of the segment offer new lines and new proportions. The result is a hatchback with compact exterior dimensions and new levels of interior practicality."

Renault Megane eVision
Renault Megane eVision

The production of this new EV will start in 2021 in France and will be followed by more BEVs based on the CMF-EV platform.

The Renault Megane eVision is equipped with an ultra-flat (11 cm of height) 60 kWh battery (there will be other options, including bigger ones) for 450 km (280 miles) of WLTP range.

The French manufacturer showed a single-motor, front-wheel-drive version, but the platform will be capable of all-wheel-drive versions.

CMF-EV platform
CMF-EV platform

Renault Megane eVision specs:

  • range of up to 450 km (280 miles) WLTP
  • 60 kWh battery (only 11 cm of height), 400 V system, liquid cooled
  • 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 8 seconds
  • front-wheel drive
  • 160 kW (217hp), 300 Nm wound-rotor electric motor, 145 kg
  • on-board charging (AC) up to 22 kW (3-phase), or 7.4 kW (1-phase)
  • DC fast charging up to 130 kW (30 minutes to replenish 200 km of range)
  • Weight: 1,650kg
  • Length: 4,210mm, Width: 1,800mm, Height: 1,505mm, Wheelbase: 2,700mm
  • Wheels: 20 inches, Tyres: Continental 245/40 ZR 20

Luca De Meo, CEO, Groupe Renault, said:

“Thanks to our brand-new Alliance platform CMF-EV, we broke the rules of size, use, design and energy efficiency to imagine the Mégane eVision show-car. We fully leveraged the potential of pure electric platform to re-invent the classical hatchback in an emotional way. With the thinnest battery on the market, a 4.21-metre compact body offering the roominess of a C-segment vehicle, The Mégane eVision is a masterpiece of packaging. We took our 25-year best-seller and took it to the future. Mégane eVision reinvents Mégane, and Renault reinvents Renault. This is just the beginning; a whole new generation of innovation-packed electric vehicles is to come.”

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