The new Volkswagen ID.3 Pro (58 kWh net/62 kWh total battery) was recently tested by the Fastned fast-charging network, proving the capability of charging at up to around 100 kW.

According to the chart, attached below, the ID.3 is able to maintain its peak DC charging power up to around 40% of State-of-Charge (SoC).

Then, the charging power gradually decreases to reach 50 kW at about 80% SoC. It stays a little bit at 50 kW and further decreases, although in general, it's still a quite high 30 kW at the end.

Fast charging of Volkswagen ID.3 Pro


Charging as well as range seems to be a strong point of the ID.3. We would say that it offers the charging curve that the Nissan LEAF e+ (62 kWh version) is badly missing.

We are curious whether the two other battery versions (smaller and bigger) will perform as well (the bigger battery option is expected to reach 125 kW charging).

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