Owners beware. Just because you're inside your Tesla doesn't mean your doors will stay locked. NSFW

Editor's Note: There is language in this video that's not safe for work or around children, but we still felt compelled to share it so that Tesla can be made aware of this potential bug.

To say this short video clip is interesting and informative would be an understatement. If the details are accurate, we'd like to make sure Tesla is aware of the potential problem, but we need your help sorting out the specifics.

Here's the story. This Tesla Model 3 owner was sitting in his parked and locked car paying attention to what appeared to be a drug deal. As you can see from the Sentry Mode footage, a guy walked up from the rear of his car (he didn't notice him right away since he was distracted). Once he became aware of the situation, it seemed the person was going to try to steal his car, or at least steal something out of the car.

The Tesla owner reacted by getting ready to drive away quickly. In order to do so, he put his foot on the brake, which actually unlocked the car and allowed the guy to pull his door open. He says he didn't even realize he put his foot on the brake, but since his phone was inside, it must automatically unlock the doors?

If you own a Tesla, let us know if this is the case with your car. Do the doors unlock when you press the brake while parked? We've had our team check their Model 3s and verify that the doors do unlock if the car is in park and they apply the brake. It seems like it's a convenience feature that could prove very inconvenient in a situation like this. Maybe it's simply a setting you can change? We've seen convenience settings similar to this on other cars.

We're working on changing settings to see what else we can learn and why this actually happens. We'll update this article when we have more details for you, and then forward information to Tesla. In the meantime, scroll down and fill us in with a comment below.

Video Description via EVlectric on YouTube:

Guy Tries To Break Into Tesla Model 3 I WAS INSIDE! *Dashcam Footage*

Caught on dashcam! This man tried to either steal stuff in my Model 3or try to take my car in general in Inglewood, CA. I think he tried to steal the whole car because most would look in the windows first or break the back glass. He just went straight to the driver door. I was inside...

*sorry for the red "offline media" error. The Tesla Dashcam doesn't work well with my editing software.

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