The BMW i3 and BMW i8 have a completely different assembly process than any other BMW. I remember a BMW production manager telling me back in 2014 that the factory workers say the assembly process for the i3 is so different than what they're used to that they almost don't feel like they are assembling cars anymore. 

The video we have here, care of the YouTube channel, Supercharged Petrolhead, shows the inner workings of BMW's Leipzig plant as workers and robots work on the i3 assembly line. 

We love EV production videos like this, especially when there's no music dubbed over the natural sounds of the factory in progress, as is the case here. There's just something very satisfying about watching these factory production videos, in my opinion.

BMW i3 motor
A BMW i3 motor being made at BMW's Leipzig manufacturing plant

The video starts out showing the i3's electric motor as it's being made. We then see the power electronic unit being attached to the top of the motor, and the entire assembly heading down the line. It's amazing to see how much of the process is done by robots. 

Next is the battery tray and the thermal management rails being installed at the bottom of the tray before the modules are set into the tray by another robot. At the 22:22 mark, we finally see the CFRP body being mated to the aluminum frame with the powertrain and battery pack. The video continues until we see the i3s going down then final assembly line. 

BMW i3 assembly

The i3 is in its 7th year of production and it's still BMW's only all-electric vehicle that's sold in the US and Europe. That will change soon once the Chinese-made iX3 is available in Europe. BMW decided they won't be importing the iX3 to the US initially, and it may not come to the US at all. 

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