Our good friend Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Motoring claims his mom wanted to check out the new Dyno Mode on her Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. However, she's never been around a track before, so we think this may have been Kyle's idea. Perhaps mom "wanted" to check out the track and the feature after a bit of persuasion?

We've reported about Tesla Dyno Mode recently. It's a hidden feature that allows owners to turn off full electronic stability control to aid in dyno testing. Essentially, it shuts down traction control, stability control, automatic emergency braking, and other features that help keep the car in check, but leaves power steering and regenerative braking on. It's not supposed to be used on public roads, so a closed test track is an ideal place to check it out.

Kyle's parents are visiting his track for the first time. Of course, this means it's a great opportunity to take them out for a spin, literally. What better choice of car to shred than Kyle's mom's personal Model 3?

They do a handful of laps ranging from an "easy" to "expert," with plenty of drifting, sliding, spinning, etc. Kyle even lets mom drive a bit. Overall, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is quite impressive, though mom does not seem impressed with the experience.

Check out the video and be prepared to laugh out loud. It's pretty entertaining, to say the least. When you're done, leave us a comment below.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

My Mom Shreds HER Tesla on the Track! (I scared her...)

Kyle takes his mom, Kathy, to the Out of Spec Motoring race track for some fun. Kathy has never been around a track and today was the perfect opportunity! Kyle’s parents were visitng North Carolina from Connecticut in his mother’s Model 3 Standard Range Plus and it was put through its paces sideways in Dyno Mode. Pretty impressive what the baby Model 3 can do when opened up!

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