Tesla recently officially acquired a 300-hectare property for the Gigafactory 4, in a designated industrial area in Grünheide, Brandenburg, south of Berlin in Germany.

The preliminary price is €40.91 million ($45.36 million). The final price is subject change if "an external review provides a different value", which indicates that Tesla is moving forward quicker than bureaucracy allows.

"Tesla’s board of directors approved a purchase agreement with the state of Brandenburg on Saturday to acquire a 300-hectare property, Brandenburg government spokesman Florian Engels said in a statement. The state parliament’s finance committee had already approved the sale on January 9."

Because of the location, the site is being checked for weapons or unexploded bombs in the ground from World War II.

Reports say that while the local government is happy to see major investment, there are also some people that are less than happy to live next to a large plant:

"But some 250 locals took to the streets to protest on Saturday, fearing the factory could endanger the water supply and wildlife in the surrounding forest."

As a counterweight, there was also a small group of locals supporting the investment because of job opportunities and expected improvement in local infrastructure (roads):

The initial work to prepare the land already stated:

Tesla Gigafactory 4 at brief:

  • to be located in the Berlin-area (in Grünheide, Brandenburg, Germany), (near the new airport)
  • to produce Model 3/Y starting in 2021 with the Model Y
  • will produce also batteries (for sure modules/packs) and powertrains
  • expected volume of 500,000 annually (unofficial target), initially 150,000
  • expected investment of €4 billion (unofficial)
  • expected 10,000 jobs (unofficial)

Source: Reuters, electrive.com

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