Here's the Hummer HX electric SUV/truck. It's envisioned as being able to compete with and beat the Tesla Cybertruck, but can Hummer really make a comeback?

The Hummer HX is a two-door off-road concept compact SUV that was revealed at the 2008 North American International Auto Show by General Motors. It has now resurfaced as the possible design direction GM will take with the upcoming electric Hummer.

Can Hummer succeed as an electric brand? Some sure do think Hummer can and will, but we have our doubts. Our fear is that General Motors is choosing the Hummer name so that it can justify an ultra-high price tag when the electric truck comes to market. Additionally, it seems unlikely that the general electric car enthusiast would consider a Hummer given its roots/past.

This Hummer HX presents more of an SUV style, rather than a truck, but we expect GM to offer perhaps two versions of the electric Hummer (one with a small truck bed and one without).

"As a forecast company, LMC gathers intel from sources in the industry. From that, it has confirmed that GM will build a Hummer pickup truck and SUV in late 2021, Jeff Schuster, industry analyst with LMC Automotive told The Detroit News."

The electric Hummer and the Tesla Cybertruck are both quite a ways from entering production, but the comparisons have already begun.

We honestly don't think would-be Cybertruck buyers would consider a Hummer, but perhaps we're wrong. Let us know your thoughts on this in comments.

Video description via World News Report Today on YouTube:

I am bringing you the #2022 #Hummer HX today #HummerHx. This vehicle will compete with the Tesla Electric Truck which looks like another #SpaceX to me. This fully #electricvehicle will debut at the 2021 #Superbowl via #Superbowlcommercial and promises to be a great commercial. I personally love the stance and think the looks are outstanding compared to the sheet metal #Tesla truck.

General Motors has finally decided to bring back the Hummer: millennial style.

The Detroit automaker is going to be buying Super Bowl airtime to debut the Hummer as an all-electric pickup, carrying on the model's lineage that was discontinued about a decade ago. GM has even signed LeBron James to appear in the commercial, which will air on February 2, according to CNBC.

The vehicle is going to be sold under the GMC brand, instead of its own standalone brand. It is expected to go on sale by late 2021 or early 2022 and will likely be a direct competitor to Tesla's Cybertruck, should the Cybertruck actually wind up being manufactured at some point.

And the Hummer looks badass.

Making the Hummer name - which used to be synonymous with gas guzzling - an EV was a big step. Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Cox Automotive called it a "perfect marriage".

The move comes at a time when pickups and SUVs continue to dominate in popularity with American auto buyers, despite the overall industry recession.

Brauer continued: “What automaker on the planet wouldn’t love to have the Hummer brand in its portfolio right now. There’s no indication they shouldn’t do this and every indication they should.”

We're guessing the Hummer will resonate with a demographic that Tesla's Cybertruck fails to.

As one social media post points out:

Cybertruck: • nerdy • probably plays D&D • got beat up for lunch money in middle school

Electric Hummer: • powerful • beloved by The Terminator • beats up other countries for oil

Zak Kukoff (@zck) January 10, 2020 The previous Hummer design from a decade ago included a short-lived pickup design, but the brand drew criticism and was ultimately discontinued as a part of GM's bankruptcy in 2009 as gas prices surged and the model's design developed a bad reputation as polluting the planet.

The Hummer is expected to lead the way in a surge of new electric pickups to hit the market in coming years from companies like Ford and Rivian.


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